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16-oz. curve claw nail hammer. Graphite core provides strength & durability. High carbon, polished steel head is precision balanced with overstrike protection. Rim tempered end. Ribbed grip handle allows air to cool hand & channel sweat away. Patented head to handle assembly. Smooth hand to grip contour, won’t hang up on your tool belt. Flared grip prevents hammer from slipping off hand.

  • Product Weight (pounds): 1.71
  • Package dimensions (inches)
  • Length: 5.13
  • Width: 5.13
  • Height: 1.63
  • Height: 1.63
  • Country of Origin: UK

2 reviews for DEWALT DW368

    • Eva Rodriguez

    10. September 2017

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    • Sam Kover

    10. September 2017

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